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If you are in need of quality industrial keyboards suitable for harsh industrial environments, 4Sight OT will have what you need. 4Sight OT is a trusted supplier of IP65 Keyboards, which are designed to withstand extreme heat, cold, shock, vibration, all while delivering excellent performance. IP65 Industrial keyboards supplied by 4Sight OT have been used in some of the harshest and rugged industrial environments, and are commonly used in the following industries:

  • Oil refineries
  • Power generation facilities
  • Electronic highway traffic systems
  • Fish farms
  • Shop floor heavy machine tools
  • Process flow controllers

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Metal keyboard range

Choose between Desk mounted or Panel mounted metal keyboard options from 4Sight OT. Our metal keyboards are IP65 tested and approved, guaranteeing you of quality products that will meet your expectations in terms of performance, durability and robustness. IP65 metal keyboards supplied by 4Sight OT are vandal proof and water resistant, suitable for various industrial applications. The keyboards are made from Quality A stainless steel, which makes it ideal for use in very rugged industrial conditions. IP65 metal industrial keyboards are suitable for use in the following industries:

  • Self service kiosks
  • Industrial PC systems
  • Medical & Food industry
  • Gaming machines & Vending machines
  • Navigation & Aviation
  • CNC machine and other factory equipment

Silicone keyboard & mouse

4Sight OT supply the following Silicone keyboard and mouse products:

  • SK308: The SK308 silicone keyboard is IP68 tested and approved. It is water resistant, and suitable for various industrial applications. Its anti-microbial properties makes it the ideal solution for hospitals and food industries, and it is also washable.
  • SM502: The SM502 is a waterproof medical silicone mouse that is dust, water and chemical resistant. Its anti-microbial properties makes it the ideal solution for hospitals and food industries, and it is also washable.

About Industrial Keyboards from 4Sight OT

Industrial keyboards are used in any harsh environment as it is better protected against harsh industrial elements. Industrial keyboards are manufactured with the highest quality standards in order to provide the latest in technology, offering the ability to last longer than a standard keyboard. 4Sight OT supply industrial keyboards from leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring the desired level of quality and performance is achieved for our customers.

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